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Love the look and the music.
I broke it when I entered the broken window and went back out, then I couldn't get back in.

Interesting concept. Interesting gameplay.
With that said, you're trying to create a suspenseful atmosphere and the multiple in-game ads kill that.

Ganderoleg responds:

Thank you for playing and for review.
Yes, I guess the multiple ads are a bit off in this type of game :/ I will leave the first (loading) one, one in the game and delete other two in my next update.

*UPDATE: I reduced Ads to one at the start (while game is loading) and one in-game Ad in the room of no gameplay significance (right room from the kitchen).

Enjoyed what I played.
Just got the dynamite, and I came across an alomost gamebreaker.
Character is stuck walking left, pinned to the left side of the screen. Can move up and down ,but not away from the left side. This id in the scene with the collection bins. Therefore, I can't break the rock to get out of the screen. I finally was able to finagle my way into the store and the movement has reset itself.
Another thing I am curious about is the damage parameters with the rock-crabs. It seems like sometimes I take damage after breaking their shells, and sometimes I don't. Maybe you could clarify that?
Anyway, the gameplay is certainly addictive and keeps me wanting to prgress and know more.

dacaldera responds:

Hey thenoodge,
Thanks for reviewing my game. Not sure why the controls became stuck, but that is certainly something that I will investigate and fix. Those rock-crabs are pesky and are difficult to defeat, might need some a.i. tweaking. I'm also looking at adding a save feature. Thanks again!

This was a really great game.
The one problem I ran into was before the finale. It says that your hearts are restored, but they weren't.
Playing on Chrome.

I really enjoyed this.
It's always an amazing thing when an artist can tell a story without words.
I love the lo-rez visuals.The music is fantastic and fits perfectly with the game.
Job well done!

This went from a four to a five for two reasons:

1) your "patches"

2) your reply to a review complaining about the character select not working with "FIXED!"

Template88 responds:

I actually did fix the unintended effects that were happening!

Really short, though I know the Ludum Dare stuff usually is.
Easy, but fun. Great sound effects choices.
I would love to see a longer game.
Really good job with this.

"Never underestimate the power of the schwartz."

Love this series.
You have a knack for storytelling with a bit of humor.

JackAstral responds:


I really love the visual style of your games.
Really fun and challenging gameplay.
The music at the end is rockin'.
Absolute 5 from me.

Wow. That was a long one.
Loved that you put a bit of a different spin on it than the rest of the "Abandoned" series.



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