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Very cool how each days is a "little" different.
I enjoyed it.
This is what I got out google translate:

"but is down with it to ' him, either that one of the first soccer ' to him, he falls antiopam. Fled to shrink it , that his voluptuous debate . But fearing that option , since there are iriure democritum it . To the force of the other developers, the force of a great hatred for you. Let the meat region.

Good game.
One issue though.
Right at the beginning, as soon as you move, the "got a medal" sound triggers and it repeats relentlessly all the way to the end.
Other than that, it was solid.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks, I'm not sure why it keeps doing that with the games lately. I fixed it!

Really enjoyed this.
The music worked absolutely perfectly.
A fun little find an object game.

One of the first Flash games I ever played was Factory Balls Christmas the first Christmas after my mom had passed.
(oh boo hoo, poor you :))
It put a smile on my face.
It's good to see your games still have such unique charm to them.
Even when you have children as co-authors. :)

Dig these.
The "Eat a Salad" medal doesn't work.
Tried it twice.

selfdefiant responds:

Fixed it, thanks!!

Hints were fine.
Nice escape game.

Loved it.
The end is a bit psychedelic.

While it's not my scene, I'm rating this based on quality, not subject matter.
You made a high quality, big space to explore.

One of your best.
I prefer the ambient type sounds of this one to the music loop of your past games.
One issue was the lantern being stuck in the bottom left corner.

Any hints on the "sneaky" key?
I thought I had found everything...

Very fun game.
I love your art style.

And I am patiently waiting for a sequel to the greatest flash game of all time - Elephant Quest.

At this point I'm convinced that Grandpa built The Wall from Game of Thrones.

Loving this series.



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