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Masterfully done.
The visuals, the ambience and the story all worked together beautifully.
You really captured the "all alone in a strange world" thing that games like Myst and Submachine have done so well.
And I would put this game right up there with those two.
I very much look forward to the next one.

There's more story in this series than any of your other games.
I like that.
Really liking this series.

One quick medal bug: I got the "Top of the Mountain!" medal just by starting the game.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks, I'm trying to evolve and do more. :) Thanks about the bug, I got is fixed. :)

Loving these series type games.

What is the "Nothing" medal?
I've been looking for nothing all over the place.

selfdefiant responds:

Behind the barrels, next to the lockers!

Reminds me of a mashup of Sneak Thief and Daymare Town.(which is a very good thing)
I loved the visual style and the overall creepy vibe.

A few words didn't get accepted (Bengal(i), maoi and Luddite), but that's to be expected.

Other than that, it's a fun and VERY addicting game.

baconbanditgames responds:

Developer here! Thanks for letting us know - we're constantly adding to the game's dictionary. I just added all of the words you mentioned, and definitions for them, and uploaded a new version of the game with them in the dictionary! Cheers! :)

I liked it.
I liked that the sound were very important in figuring out what was going on.

Please tell me what the track was during the end credits.
Love it.

Fun "beat 'em up" type game.
Graphic style is really nice.
Love the soundtrack.

Disappointed when I realized this had nothing to do with the old XBOX game "Fable".

"Do ya chase chickens????"

Loved this game!!!!
Intriguing story.
Like the black & white retro look.(love the cut-scene art, too)
And every bit of music worked beautifully.
I really hope you continue with this series. I'm hooked on the story just with this little preview.

Didn't find the Easter egg.
Wonder where it could be....

solarVagrant responds:

Let me know if you want a hint. : )

Not really my type of game, but I this was a lot of fun.
Lot of enemies.
Fluid movement and targeting.
I liked it it.

P.S. The "Anakonda" medal does not seem to be working.

Great one.
Where in the hell are these pictures from?
The underground caverns in particular.(horse-column)
Would love to know.



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