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Controls are less slippery than before. Nice job on that.
Hit detection is still a bit off.
I guess it's just me but I like the idea that some clouds can't be hopped onto.
I don't mind a "trial and error" type play, as long as it starts me at the screen I'm on and not back at the beginning.
Had absolutely no idea what to do at the waterfall scene.

As far as first submissions go, I've seen much, MUCH worse.
So keep it up.
I think you're onto something. ;)

oObangzOo responds:

Thanks mang!
Constructive criticism is always appreciated, over time my skills will become godlike, just you wait. ;)


It was decent game.
I'm guessing it was very strictly for English, so I understand why it wouldn't except "ese" and "sai".(although the sai, as in the weapon, is fairly popular in American takes on martial arts fighting)
The one that had me saying "Really?" was the word "zen".
That is a very well known and used word in the English language.
Anyway, good game.

jumblygames responds:


yes indeed. I have added sai and zen. Thanks for the feedback

Anyone else feel there are words missing ?


Love the music

For such a simple premise, this was a lot of fun.
I think the music really adds a lot to it.
Thanks for turning me on to that tune.

JernoBill responds:

Thank you, I searched long time for the right track and till now I wasn't sure if I have found the right one. :)


The claymation was beautiful.
The gameplay was really solid
Some of the puzzles made me have to check a walkthrough, but I don't mind when it's done this well.
This was a really great adventure game.


Better than the first.
You really did a great job with this.
It was worth going back and watching how every decision played out.
Way to go.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Good, I'm hoping people go back to see all the unique fails. Once medals are online I think people will.

Loved it

I reallt enjoyed everything abouthis.
The visual style, the music and the gameplay were all great.
My only complaintis the length.
I really look forward to more.

Already done.

This was already put on this site less than 8 months ago.
Might have been under a different name, though.

InvokeXorgPl responds:

so link it


This was frustrating at times, but once you start putting some thought into the puzzles, they make sense.
I likes the music.
The style was different and nice.
All in all, a great escape game.


Really enjoyed this.
The puzzles/item finding all worked well enough.(you are in a dream after all;)
I've heard the music before, but it certainly fit with the feel.
All in all, although a bit short, really solid.


You never disappoint.
Reall interesting game, as always.
Although I was a tad disappointed that there wasn't any orbs. :)

Keep up the great work, and ignore the "it's not fun unless I'm shooting zombies" dolts.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! Sorry no orbs ;)



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