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A request:

I would not mind, after the game is over, maybe have a list of where the artwork is from.
As far as the game, I'm liking what you're doing with your "find the difference" games.

A start

I do like the visual style, there's just not much to go with.
I really like the song, though.
What is it????

Oh, that's rich....

Very well put together escape game.
Nice graphics.
Puzzles ranged from easy to challenging.
And the ending was something completely unexpected.

Wish there was more there

Even though I really don't understand all the Pony buttlove, I liked this.
Always like multiple endings.
I like the visual style.
The story was a bit lacking. Needed to be fleshed out a little more.

Right now you have a nice little game.
If you end up adding more substance to it, you could have a great little Adventure/RPG on your hands.

One issue on my end

Controls were constantly sticking on IE.
Made some of the rooms and the boss really annoying.
Don't know if this is a thing with my PC or IE, though.
Not happening with other games today.

Other than that, this was a great, albeit short, game.
Love games that make you think in a bit of a different way, and the hints weren't too hard to figure out.
Good stuff.

I gots problems....

Points off for my character holding the gun the correct way and not sideways, thus preventing me from completely missing my target, and instead killing a little 8 year old girl or an 84 year old grandma.

Realism. Gots ta gets it.


Oddly good

I liked the the near endless exploring.
I think I ran into a glitch, though.
I went all the way left on the back of an ostritch and when I jumped of the edge, the ostrich just kept flying off into oblivion.
Day turned into night.
Night turned to day.
Eventually the ostrich left me, and Iwas left with my caveman in perpetual dance in the sky.
Did I win????

(just riding the ostrich gave me a nice flashback of Joust)

Beautifully done

That was a really nice point-n-click.
The art was decent.
The puzzles were ranged from easy to huh?( my one suggestion for this type of game would be to include some kind of walkthrough)
The music fit very well, also.

I look forward to more in this world.

aampere responds:

Thanks for the kind words. if it's received well enough, there will be a Cairn II.

A lot o' fun

I really enjoyed this one.
It was a good idea that was implemented beautifully.
The only thing that could make this better would be(and I'm just going off of your comments below):

1 - a lot more people

2 - maybe have 3 different diffculty settings(you could get into a little lesser known people)

With that said, I'm still racking my brain about the bearde director.
I tried every big director I know who has a beard or had one in the 70's.

Kenney responds:

He did 2001: A Space Oddysey and The Shining to only name a few :) I will keep your suggestions in mind when I decide to make a second one or expand this.


I don't know why but I was actually laughing out lous at how ridiculously louder than everything else that horreble chime is when you line 'em up.



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